What is a sports massage?

A Sports massage is a type of massage which is tailored towards treating a sporting injury or injury in general. It is not an holistic massage, but the injury does not have to be sport specific either.   

Do I have be an athlete to receive a sports massage?

No, of course not. I have clients who range from professional bodybuilders to hairdressers to teachers to IT consultants. Each with a range of injuries or issues which need to be addressed. I personally receive sports massages, not because I am constantly injured, but because it speeds up my recovery and mentally I feel it improves my performance too.

Will a sports massage hurt?

During a treatment, it may be necessary to treat deeper muscles which may, at times, feel uncomfortable. That however, is not the aim of the treatment! Pain during a massage is a common misconception.

What should I bring to my treatment? What should I wear?

Bring yourself and a bottle of water! Every treatment is different and may require different parts of the body to be exposed. Here at GB3 Sports Massage, we pride ourselves on towel technique and the most important thing to us is our patients comfort and dignity. Most patients choose to wear their underwear, where as others prefer to wear gym clothes or gym shorts.

Will I be fixed?

Treatment course length depends on the severity of the injury. However, we are NOT magic miracle workers! Injuries take time to heal and they rely on teamwork, from both you and I! 'Homework' and rehabilitative exercises are too be expected!!!

I have a cold but I don't feel too bad, should I still come in for a treatment?

NO! This is a contra-indication, if you have a virus in your body, the last thing you need is a massage, as it will encourage the virus to spread further. (Plus, no offence, but I really don't want to catch anything!)

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