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Friends of GB3

As many of you will know, Grayce loves to make friends! And comes across a lot of different types of people in the wellness space, many of whom are excellent at what they do and share her passion for helping people feel great about themselves.

We’ve included a selection of those people below, so from personal training to life coaching, if you do get in touch with any of them, tell them Grayce sent you!

N1 gym_edited_edited.png

Lizzie, Personal Trainer

Lizzie is a Personal Trainer, and Owner of N1 Gym and has nine years’ industry experience, as well as a BSc in Sports Science, qualifications in nutrition coaching and many hours spent studying yoga. She believes that small consistent changes, along with improved quality of health and movement, deliver the best and most sustainable results!

Lizzie offers GB3 clients 20% off all 1:1 Personal Training and Online Coaching services.  

To apply to work with Lizzie, simply send her an email and she’ll get straight back to you.

Lisa Kelly Life Coaching.png

Lisa Kelly, Life Coach 

Lisa is a certified self-worth and confidence coach. She tells us:

"I’ve always been passionate about supporting and helping others. After a challenging few years, I realised more than ever how important mindset work was. The sayings we say, the habits we hold and the way we view the world are all things that have been instilled in us after years of conditioning from our upbringing and our environments. 

The magic I’ve found and experienced myself in life coaching is that it doesn’t have to be this way. A different mindset is one we can adopt no matter how old we are - as long as you are committed to the change!”

Lisa is currently working with women who want to work on their self-confidence and their self worth by creating happy and healthy habits in all areas of their lives. She offers clients of GB3 30% off her current programmes and you can find out more about Lisa’s coaching by emailing her, or visiting her website or Instagram page

True Escapes.jpg

TRUE Escapes

Co-founded by friends Dottie and Ben, TRUE Escapes wellness retreats use a multi-faceted approach to health and wellness, providing guests with everything they need to recharge. Grayce is often asked if she knows of any health and wellness retreats and this one certainly ticks all of the boxes: beautiful surroundings, great food, fun fitness activities and a weekend away!

Visit for more information.

eglantine-hallo-osteopath-logo (1).png

Eglantine Hallo Osteopathy

Eglantine Hallo Osteopathy is a small team based in Oxford and Angel, Islington. Their aim is to find the cause of your discomfort, understanding your body as a whole in order to treat specifically and best manage your recovery.

Their experienced team provide assessment and treatment for the whole family. They work with the patient to achieve whatever goal they have whether it's pain relief, sports injuries, posture, pregnancy care, newborn check up, postnatal recovery or starting an exercise regime. 

For more information, visit their website

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