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  • Grayce Bartlett

Help! I've sprained my ankle.

HOLD UP! Have you? Are you sure?

It's so easy to go over on our ankles or knees, especially during a sporting activity, or even when we least expect it!!

Right, so, what do we do?:

1) If you're at the stage where you can't move and you have had an accident/injury, head to the hospital, its better to be safe than sorry right? This will eliminate or confirm and bone damage. It will not show ligament, tendon or muscle damage.

2) ICE- get some ice on the area to reduce swelling. Remember, swelling isn't a bad thing, it's a protective mechanism, but put ice on it to help reduce any inflammation

3) REST- Chill OUT! Don't rush the recovery. If you get to the point where the pain has reduced, get yourself to a therapist so they can take a further look!

Clinics in:

  • Angel, Islington

  • Hemel Hempstead

Mobile in:

  • North London

  • Greater London

  • Middlesex, Berkshire, Hertfordshire area


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