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  • Grayce Bartlett

Muscle pain or muscle being worked?

As I was sitting stretching in the gym earlier, I watched a specific personal trainer with her client. I always like to have a look, to learn and just be nosey really. However, I was highly disappointment by what I saw.

Now, I have never been trained by this person, so maybe I should have asked her why she was doing the specific exercises, but I'm sure she had a reason as to why she was doing this exercise.

To set the scene, she had her elderly client ready to step up on to the PowerPlate (a large, vibrating plate), which she had turned up to the highest setting. The conversation went like this:

PT: "So you're going to step up onto the plate nice and quick, squat down, and step back off the plate. OK?"

Client: "Yes, so step up?"

PT: "Ok, go!"

*after 4 reps*

PT: " How do you feel?"

Client: " It hurts"

PT: " Where?"

Client: " My lower back and my right knee"

PT: "Great, that means it's working"

I'M SORRY, WHAT?!?!??!

There is a HUGE difference between a muscle hurting and a muscle being worked. And this difference is what determines whether the exercise needs to be adapted or not. Now, like I said, maybe she had a good reason for giving this exercise- the client could have been putting it on or not being honest- although to me, she was pretty genuine.

Anyway, what I'm saying is, do your research and choose your trainer/coach/therapist wisely.

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