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Tennis elbow? But I've never played tennis...

You don't have to be the next Andy Murray or Williams sister to have tennis elbow! Loads of us suffer from tight forearms, and we don't even realise it. Think how long we are on our phones, our keyboards, how often we use our wrists and elbows. It all starts to add up.

What happens is that the muscles in our arms tend to get overused and the tendons get slightly inflamed. Don't panic, arms aren't going to fall off, but it is worth getting this looked at.

So let's take a look the muscles involved are:

  • Brachioradialis

  • Wrist Flexors

  • Wrist Extensors

These muscle groups work amazingly well together, and put up with a lot of rubbish to be honest. There are some great stretches you can do to help ease these muscles, but in all fairness, go and get them manually released, it feels INCREDIBLE!

Clinics in:

Angel, Islington

Hemel Hempstead

Mobile in:

  • North London

  • Greater London

  • Middlesex, Berkshire, Hertfordshire areas

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