Effects of Stress on the body

The effects of stress on the body. The term 'stress' is used all over the place these days, and a lot of the time it's for the wrong reasons.

However, for those who really are suffering from stress, the side effects that come with it can be pretty debilitating. Digestion, neurological, musculoskeletal, cardiovascular issues can all be linked to 'stress'.

On a muscle level, have you ever had a stressful day and ended up with a tension headache? Well, our body is realising that we are under stress- we become agitated, jumpy, more reactive and our bodies try to protect us from what's causing us stress. However, if the stress is caused by an internal factor, it is often hard for us to see there is an issue. Our muscles do a fantastic job of protecting us, however, sometimes their actions and 'good intentions' make us feel worse.

So have a think today, constant pain in the neck? Shoulders? Back? Chest? What can be done about this? What can YOU do about this?

Invest some time in yourself. Your body is the only one you have

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