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November 11, 2016

So, today at GB3 HQ, I had planned to sit down all day to do admin/businessy bits📊. So the sitting down bit lasted all of 1 hour 26mins. I was in BITS! I hadn't listened to my own advice of 55:5 work:move⏰, my seat 💺and laptop💻were not set up correctly and I didn't do any kind of stretching. Safe to say I quickly went to the floor to stretch out and move. 

My neck was sore, my wrists were tight, my lower back was throbbing as I was sitting in a twisted position and my middle back was on fire!!🔥

So, I KNOW I go on about it, but you guys who sit down for your 9-5 jobs, honestly, you need to take care of yourselves. 

Make sure your workplace provides the correct set up in terms of screen height and seat position. Ensure you stand up 🏃🏻‍♀️as often as you can and get some water. Pay attention to that BURNING feeling 💥💥 at the top of your shoulders, correct your position. 

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