Brrrr.... it's chilly out there!❄️

So, the weather is changing. How many of you change your training to compliment this?! 

Well think about it, if it's colder outside, your body may be colder, meaning your muscles are colder. If this happens, we can be susceptible to picking up more injuries than usual!!!!

Imagine our muscles like a cold elastic band, when rubber is cold and you pull it quickly, it can snap. However, when the band is warm, we don't suffer as quick. So how do we prevent this? The simple answer is to warm up for longer- whether that be an extra warm up set, use resistance bands before you jump on the weights, do some dynamic stretches, they will all help!! During your rest period, walk around, move, jog on the spot, do more dynamic stretches, whatever you can to keep warm. 

If you don't follow this advice, I'm afraid you'll be in for a 

nasty shock when it comes to injuries!! 

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