Grayce is a great massage therapist. I was recommended to her by one of my friends who is rather fussy when it comes to treatments! At my initial appointment, Grayce was very professional and carried out a consultation with me on my various niggles. I was impressed with her in depth knowledge and expertise and the way she explained what she was doing to me. We always chat easily throughout treatments and whenever I have a question she speedily and happily answers. I now have a regular slot with Grayce and I strangely look forward to our sessions as I know how beneficial and worthwhile they are. I've tried a few massage therapists the more I've gotten into training in recent years, but I'm happy to stop my search as I've found all I need in Grayce.

Lisa Kelly

UKBFF Body Fitness Champion


To say my back and neck was in a terrible state prior to meeting Grayce would be an understatement. I suffer with a chronic pain condition but a few weeks of treatment from Grayce has finally given me that long sort after relief without having to take nasty medications.
Thanks a million Grayce.

Stephanie Preston


Had a great massage today from Grayce, she has worked her magic on my tight pec, lat, trap & given me a much better range of motion in my shoulder. It was long overdue & I will be making this a regular part of my training & recovery programme. Thanks Grayce

Scott Hanley-Ginger


What a massage from Grayce! Before our session I was suffering from a bad impingement of my shoulder. She immediately identified my problems and addressed them with expert technique, I felt the improvements straight away. After just a few sessions with Grayce, I'm back to training and the shoulder pain is sufficiently less. I'm able to do day to day tasks without any pain!!! I can't thank/ recommend her enough!


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